Switchblade ACADIA All-Carbon Fiber Multi-Purpose Paddle

The Acadia is our top-of-the-line paddle, for the paddler who is shaving off every ounce. Made with carbon fiber blades, carbon fiber shafts, and double-strength clamps, the Acadia is lightweight, strong, and beautiful to look at. Comes with a nylon/polyester mesh bag for easy toting. Check out our Demonstration Video or compare it  Side-by-Side with the Escalante and Montlake.

LENGTHS     SUP (67"-87")    Kayak-L (95")  Kayak-S (64")  Canoe (49.5"-56")
WEIGHTS     SUP (26.8 oz)     Kayak-L  (33.2 oz)  Kayak-S (24.9 oz)  Canoe (17.9 oz)
SHAFT          1.25" diameter Carbon Fiber
BLADE          8.75" X 16.0"  (100 sq in) Carbon Fiber, 10 Degree Flat Bevel

    The Acadia is named after Acadia National Park near Bar Harbor, Maine. A paddler's paradise, it features coves, inlets, granite, and greenery. Be the first person in the US to see that day's sunrise from the top of Cadillac Mountain and then head down to Seal Harbor Beach or Long Pond for your paddle session.


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